just wanted to know. is there any form of a command line in the MAC OS under normal install?
if not has there been programs released that add a command line to it?

Mac OS X comes with a command line. Just go to your Applications folder then to Utilities and then to Terminal. That opens up a console window. There's a command you can type in there to make it full screen but I don't remember it offhand. I remember the place I learned about it though was in the built-in Mac OS X help.

i'll have to check out OSX then. that was my biggest complaint with MAC's was the lack of a command line. hey point an click only does so much, some things are better done in a command line.
anyway if u have used it is it similar to a DOS like interface or unix/linux or is it its own special look and feel?

also isnt OSX based on openBSD/FreeBSD?

Yes, OS X is BSD-based. The command line runs in a window similar to xterm. In addition, there is an option to switch into full-screen console mode (full-blown UNIX). It's currently in beta, but it will be available in the next version version of OS X ... an X11 server for OS X that lets you compile XF86 *nix gui proggies for the mac.