On my iMac running Snow Leopard, I ran Permissions Verify and Permissions Repair. When the permissions were repaired and verified, I discovered that my Administrator Account is apparently empty but certainly not accessible. Entering user name and password to access the Admin Account results in a momentary flash of a blue empty blue screen and back to the login screen. Reboot did not help. Public Acct is ok. The Admin Account was restricted use.
Any idea on how to restore the access to the files once in the Admin Account. I do not believe the files are erased, just something happened to the path to that account I think. Also thought Time Machine was backing up the Admin account but can't find any files on the backup drive.

OK, problem fixed using safe boot. Should have tried that before posting. Still a bit disconcerting that the issue with the Admin Acct occurred after the disk permissions was run.

From another account, if you bring up the "Terminal" application, you can type "sudo su -" and put in your user password to get "root" level access to access the files from all the accounts. If this doesn't work you can try "su - <username>" and type in their password to get into their user. This can be very useful to verify the files are still there, and that the permissions are set correctly.

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