To be honest, I know about the very least possible about computer hardware and software. So please indicate me specificly what to do if some things get more techninal in this post.

I have formatted my system from Windows Vista into Windows XP Pro. Since I haven't backed up any drivers I had before the formatting, now I am missing drivers for certain devices in my system. I was thinking if I had internet on my machine, I could use a program that automatically detects the devices that happen to have missing or outdated drivers and indicate me exactly where to download/install them. But since my Ethernet Port does not work due to a missing driver, I am unable to use such a program. My wireless does not work either, I have no idea why either, for the wireless I installed a driver that I have downloaded from Intel and it seemed to have work, although I am still unable to detect my Home Internet Network.

So maybe if I fixed the Ethernet port, I can use a program and fix everything else, as in the device that are currently missing?

I have surfed the webs and forums looking for answers but I came upon this thread:

And the program caperjack suggested the thread starter is a bit confusing for me and I do not know what it is for. Hopefully caperjack or someone who knows about "EVEREST" stumbles upon this thread.

Here's all or most of the information I may provide:
Device as displayed in "Device Manager": Ethernet Controller
Vendor ID : 11C1
Device ID : ED00

System running on Windows XP Professional SP2
LG Laptop 2GHz 2GBRAM

If any other sort of information is needed please let me know.

Thank you very much,

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Surely you have a cd with chipset drivers on it, that came with your system [motherboard?]

Most of the laptop come with a CD or some sort for all its driver. If not use another computer with internet access and download the drivers from the LG website and burn into the CD and run it. That should solve your problem.

Yes, I think I might have received such a disk, although I suppose a lost it, since I bought my system about over 2 years ago, and we had several moves of tables, disks and many items.

I also went to LG.com, but there weren't any drivers to be downloaded. Are we supposed to get drivers from brand companies that create the laptops? or aren't we supposed to get the drivers from the Vendor of each device? Like my Ethernet Controller was from Agere, I think. Although I haven't found any product from the name of PCI-E Eternet Controller at LSI.com

Any ideas from here, please?

Thank you,

I have contacted LG Customer Service and I was able to recover most drivers for my system, anyhow, I am still missing the same driver, for the device "PCI-E Ethernet Controller" under the Device ID : ED00. I have internet now, but the program I used did not complete the task.

Anyone know where I can find the correct driver for my system(WIN XP Pro SP2)? Or a program that can detect the right driver? I would like to use the Ethernet port.

Thank you,

Damian... open Device Manager > Network Adapters, expand that... give us the name of your PCI-E Ethernet Controller listed there. Else use that name to search for a driver.

What exactly is expand, and how do I do it? Sorry I'm quite new to this type of technology.

This is what I found at PCIDatabase.com
Device ID : 0xED00
Chip Number: ET-131x
Chip Description: PCI-E Ethernet Controller

Thanks for the reply gerbil,

Expand just means click the +, or whatever, to see folders within. Anyway, you gave enough info in your first post to identify the adapter, the PCIVEN 11C1&DEV ED00&SUBSYS 010C1854&REV 024&23F5EDAD&0&00E0. Somehow, I read past it... missed it. Sigh.
So, this is the driver you desire: http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/236695/agere-et-131x-pci-e-gigabit-ethernet-driver-

Thanks for the driver gerbil,
But it didn't seemed to work, and the site that sponsored it was MSI.com and the site that provides Agere products is LSI.com. And the opendrivers.com have several mispelled words and stuff, may there be virus or any harmful element in the driver I have installed from it? Folder name : L715Lan

My ethernet still doesn't work, but thank you very much.


Gee, I did not realise the opendrivers site was such a pest to manipulate! They certainly try to block download waste. Eventually, msi.com.tw comes up, a notoriously busy, but safe, site.
L715LAN is here also: http://www.driversdownload.org/driver,2628,Agere_ET-131x_PCI-E_Gigabit_Ethernet_Driver_1_dot_2_dot_8_dot_0_Windows_2000XP.html
It is this driver: Agere ET-131x PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Driver Windows 2000/XP
Oh, restart after loading a driver to force the hardware to use it.

Last night, I tried to download the official download from opendrivers.com but it took too long to respond and both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox rejected the load so I scrolled down, on the same site, and I used the Backup Download Server and it worked, although when I installed it, nothing happened. This morning I read your new post, and I followed it and it took too long to respond as well, so since I saved the L715Lan file that I have downloaded last night from the backup server, I reinstalled it and I rebooted, twice, like you said, but nothing happened, so I uninstalled it again just in case it may harm my system.

Is it possible that the link is broken? I went on Google and typed in "Agere ET-131x PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Driver Windows 2000/XP" and I found a bunch of links, and most of the download links to the driver were removed from LSI.com. Were you able to load into MSI.com.tw? If you can download the driver.exe file can you upload it to a download site for me, please? Maybe the backup server download just didn't give the right files.

Thank you for your help and replies gerbil,

the best way to find out what items need drivers is to open control panel. Double click system and go to the Hardware tab. Open device manager. This list should show you the devices you need to update the drivers on. If it doesn't list the piece usually is says sound card or something. You can look up what kind you have either by opening the machine (too hard) or look at the hardware listed in your PC's handbook. Heck if you are so inclined you could install the different drivers your specific PC needs until everything is working. Usually you can tell if something isn't working right that you need the driver for it. Video card, sound card, Ethernet card etc. I hope this helps.

Well, now you know the driver you need, it should be just a matter of getting it. Agere ET-131x PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Driver Windows 2000/XP

Well, now you know the driver you need, it should be just a matter of getting it. Agere ET-131x PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Driver Windows 2000/XP

Hmmm, yeah I guess so. All the links I can find are broken, except for the backup one I was talking about which didn't work. I tried ZDnet too, the download from LSI has been removed. And MSI.com still can't load.


Hmmm... I'd search harder for that cd.
But I must thank you for something I have learned from this..... to NEVER buy anything that has a product from Agere/LSI in it. NEVER. Ever.

Do a wider search for the Agere ET-131x PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Driver Windows 2000/XP driver. Watch what sites you do go to. I highly recommend staying away from warez sites as these seem to carry viruses and the like. You could try limewire or a file share. Cnet is a great place to find drivers as well. Don't pay for anything you should be able to find the driver for free somewhere.

Just type in your computers name on the web asking for drivers, download them and instal them simple.

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