I'm trying to load a disk onto my computer and when I try to run it, I get an error message that says I'm missing file d3drm.dll. I've done google searches and found someone who recommended I try running it on XP but that didn't work. So another person suggested I copy the files I need from DirectX and put them in my Windows/System folder. When I try to do that, I get a message saying I can't put files into the folder. I don't know what else to do. This ran on an lder computer and I was told my Windows 7 doesn't have the d3drm.dll file. ANy help or suggestions are appreciated.

Click Start and type dxdiag in the search box. Click the Video tab and post what it says in this thread,

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If you get this error do the following:

Update DirectX
Reboot your PC
Reinstall the software (probably a game)

These have been suggested as fixing problems BUT the sure fire way i found was to do this:

Go here:


Download the dll file and save to your desktop , its not gonna be there long

Move the file from your desktop to one of the following folders:

32 Bit Systems

If you are using 32 Bit Version of windows go to your system32 file located here:


and move the d3drm.dll to that location and try running the program

64 Bit Systems

If you are running a 64 Bit system then move the file here:


and try running the program

Dont Know

If you dont know what version of windows you have then do the step for 32 bit windows and try running the program with the file there. If the program doesnt work then remove the file from where you just put it and move it to the location specified in the 64 bit windows user part. It is very likely one of these steps WILL work for you , if they dont im stumped :)

A little point to remember is that if you put the file in the location specified for 64 bit users and the game worked then it is likely that you are running a 64 bit system. It will come in handy to remember this.

I did similar. I saved a version of DirectX on my desktop, opened it into another file, removed the dll file I needed, put in in the SysWOW64 file.

Hello. Thanks for your decisions of the problem. I like it very much. I only want add that there is another way that can help to solve missing dll problem. In the next link you can find fix tool that helped me and I think could help you too. http://fix4dll.com/d3drm_dll