I recieved an Iphone 2g and wanted to remove all the content inside it. So i went to remove all content and data, and it told me it will take two hours. Whilst it was charging on my laptop, I let it progress until i saw that it was loading, then i removed the usb cable, and since then, it turns on and shows the apple sign for about 2 mins, then the screen shows the apple sign but with the loading sign just underneath it for about 5mins. This keeps on looping, and i cant do anything about it apart from turn it off!

Please somebody help! All help will be appreciated, Thank You Very Much!

[SOLVED] All I done was, hold the sleep/wake button and home button together for about 10secs, then let go off the sleep/wake button but kept my thumb on the home button until the Itunes logo came up, which then led me to be able to restore it via Itunes on my laptop! :) THANKS ANYWAY!

Apple iPhone 2G, this video has been embedded at the end of this post and lasts 9 minutes, at the moment “PlanetBeing” (the name of the hacker/developer) has not took time to develop iPhone 3G and 3GS versions, however it seems as if it will be ported in the future.Since then the only thing I can see is the apple logo coming up but I simply cannot get it into recovery mode anymore. My phone will not be recognized by iTunes.