i've got a power mac G4, and i've already had my hardrive replaced once before. about a month and a half ago i was getting the little folder with the question mark on it, but i just ignored it and went on using my computer since it wasn't stopping me. today, i attempted to start my computer and the only screen i get is this light grey screen with a dark grey applein the middle and the turning wheel at the bottom. i'm freakin' out, someone has to help me!


It is possible that you lost the hard disk... this is why backups are so important. Things like this can happen anytime anywhere -- on linux, on Mac, on Windoze.

Try booting from the CD-ROM with the OS disk that came with your computer. I am guessing it is OS X. You will be prompted to install... instead go to the upper left hand corner and click on the blue Apple. From there, select Disk Utility. Go into that program, and repair the hard drive. Check for permissions and also for general issues.

Restart without the CD. It should boot.


If repairing from the CD/fscking doesn't work, you can always try some disk repair software like DiskWarrior or TechToolPro. Do NOT use Drive 10. It sucks.

As noted above, this is one major reason you should get in the habit of backing up, even if you forget and do it infrequently, at least you have SOMETHING to fall back on.

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