I have Snow Leopard and want to put all the names in alphabetical order automatically rather than by hand, is there any way to do this please. Would appreciate some help from some one evan if its only to say it can not be done Thanks in anticipation. Dogsbody.

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What do you mean by 'all the names'? As in, all the contacts in an email message, or something else?

If you're referring to the built-in Address Book app, it automatically stores entries alphabetically.


You will have to excuse my ignorance as I have had the Mac for only a week. Yes I was referring to my contacts list that I have in the address book that came with Snow Leopard. I have three groups All Contacts, Friends and SeniorNet none of which are in alphabetical order. I try to drag and drop but that does work either as the contact just shoots back to where i dragged it from.


Try going to Address Book, and in the top menu bar, press "Address Book" and then select "Preferences" (alternatively press cmd-,). Then go to the "General" tab and change the "Sort" option.

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