Recently I've been checked my programs on my C: file in "WINDOWS XP (C:)" and as I started scrolling down, at the bottom of the page I see this hideously long folder name, some random letters for the name. d9458 blah blah. Now i'm thinking damn it this must be a virus. I have no memory of ever making such a folder and the contents of the folder are even scarier as I have no idea as to when this happened. Here is a picture of what the folder looks like, I highlighted it for you to see.

There, looks weird doesnt it. :sad:

Anyways so even though my anti virus subscription expired, I still managed to load up the ol' Norton to see what this was about, and the scanning worked, and to my surprise it found nothing, no infection, no nothing! I know...

I have 12 pictures here, the folder is that big, every single one of the file names are present as well as the corresponding file picture. If you can figure out what the hell is wrong with my system I would be eternally grateful. Please notice the whimsical Courtney and Earl the humanoid Dog-Bear icons that so obviously make me shiver. Once again I have no idea when this happened. The folder seemed to have created itself!

Without any further ado... :!:

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since remote linking is foribidden with free accounts on freeservers I just put all the pics 1-12 on this photo page here for easier viewing

Help Me!!! Please!!!

alrighty, most keyloggers people make are under the C:/, if its a .exe or .jpeg ..etc. then it could likely be a keylogger. If i was you i would delete it, norton doesnt detect some keyloggers. My advice is to download a simple spyware tool and remove the files that are infected.

Help Me!!! Please!!!

right click the file /properties ,what info is there like when it as created and such!

k how do you know this has anything to do with keylogging did you look at the programs with in the file? heres a pic of the properties. and it was created near 1:00 and im not even on the computer that late at night... Heres the pic of the properties of the file folder, its the fifth picture down from the first row on this page

ALSO I have just used ad aware 6 and ran a check for spyware and just unistalled it to try Spybot S&D and that too found things and i deleted those too but to tell you the truth, I dont know if this is even spyware.

I dont know what but it looks like something making a backup or something .are you running any auto scans at that hour or windows updates .ect.ect.ect .
The files in the folder are from your C:\windows \system32 folder .

no not at all i never do anything at 12:54 im sleeping then.

afdrano, do you leave your computer on at night? You may be sleeping, but if the computer is on, well then....
Have you tried to google for more info?
I also noticed how big that file is 261 - 279 megs, have you tried to delete it?

no not at all i never do anything at 12:54 im sleeping then.

didn't mean you were up doing it I said do you jou have anything set to auto run ,The file was created after you went to bed ,so I assummed you leave the computer turned on .

yes my computer's on all the time even when i'm not around my house.

Have you tried opening the file to see what is in it?

yes thats why i have 12 pictures posted seperately in my first post and a link to a photo page to see the icons inside the folder.


i just scanned every single file in the folder with norton antivirus and AVG 7.0, nothing was found again! this is just too strange..

omg as a matter of fact, i do have a norton scan running every night without fail, it might back up things without me knowing!

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