I recently bought a new macbook and have noticed that I can't play videos on various websites and cheesy as it sounds noticed it for the first time trying to listen to ringtones at tmobile.com. Anyway I keep getting a pop-up saying I need "x-mplayer2" and it looks like I can only get it from Windows Media Player .. but ANYTIME I try to download it or the Flip4Mac thing, the website just goes to the "CANNOT CONNECT TO SITE" etc Page and I just don't know what to do.
Can anyone help?????

If you're having trouble downloading Flip4Mac, I'd say there's some sort of network-related problem on your end (or your ISP's). Do you get the error when you're actually trying to download the file, or just visiting flip4mac's site? In any case, you will need Flip4Mac to be able to listen to any sort of video/audio clip encoded in the Windows Media codec.

Hope this helps

ill get the to site fine, but as soon as i hit "download" it the page just goes the to 'cannot connect' page.

what you said helps, i suppose ... but im still stuck and don't know what to do.

Are you using Safari? If not, which browser are you using?