Whenever I open in Microsoft Word (2003 & 2007) a Courier document created in a Mac program that has italicised words in it, Word converts those words into italicised Courier-Oblique font which looks very odd and I have to highlight those words and change them back to plain italicised Courier. Is there a way to work around this in Word please?

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You are saying when you use windows and open a mac word document file, the font is different. What is your microsoft word version. Are they the same in your windows computer and macbook. If not make them the same version maybe 2010 version. Go to your mac and create a word document and sent it to your windows, see if the font size will be different if you open the word document file. By the way what is your OS? Windows 7, vista or xp?

Sorry. Just to clarify, the Mac document (.doc or .rtf) is not created in Word but in Scrivener or Bean and I'm using Microsoft Word 2003 (2007 too) in Windows. I'm running Snow Leopard fully up-to-date and Windows XP. And it is not the font size that is the problem but that Word converts italicised Courier to italicised Courier-Oblique font.

So you use a mac app called scrivener and created a document and when your windows computer open it the font style change. Is that your problem? So your macbook and windows computers are seperated laptops not on the same laptop.

I run a Mac computer with Windows in a BootCamp partition and also through CrossOver Mac software. The .rtf and.doc files created in Scrivener work well in other Mac software such as Bean and iWork's Pages. It is when I open the files in Word 2003 or 2007 in Windows that the font problem arises.

So after creating the file, you log in to windows on your macbook, something like a dual boot. Then when you open the file in microsoft word, the font problem start to occur. Maybe your microsoft word version is too old, have you use newer version of microsoft word.

Yes, the same thing happens with Word 2007.

Have you try using another word version, something newer. Maybe the word version 2003 and 2007 is too old to support the file format.

How about using a newer version, maybe the problem has to do with your current word version. It might be a bit old to support the font style so when you open it the font style changes because the old word version don't support the current font style in your word document.

In my expirience rtf files are not the most compatible files because of their encoding, unless they are very simple formated.

i agree with jordan above. Text edit files are not compatible with windows but they hardly have problem like this.

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