I have two computers, one a laptop with Windows Vista the other Mac Snow Leopard both receive the same mail when ever mail comes to my address. Occasionally I receive mail from a friend arriving on the Vista computer it's fine. When it arrives in the Mac it has hyperlinks attached to it. Can anyone explain this phenomenon please. Dogsbody.

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Can you show me an image, dogsbody. What email service provider are you using or are you using the mail application that comes with your macbook?

Hello jingdo how ya doing.
Yes, I'm using the mail server that came with my Snow Leopard.
Sorry I have no idea how to send you a copy of the e-mail.

Hi, what I want is the picture of the problem you are facing.

If I copy and paste the e-mail in question to you for some reason it does not show the hyperlink.

Can you take a screenshot and then post it here.

Have done the screen shot but have no idea how to get it onto Daniweb.

Go to Use Advanced Editor, besides the smiley icon there will be a paperclip sign that says attachments. Click on that to upload the screenshot. Or you can upload it to a website and give me the URL so I can go and take a look at it.

Are you there? Cause I need the image to see what problem you are facing.

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