Boomerang Data Recovery www.boomdrs.com/ WARNING do NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE.

I did and got burnt. It’s bugged and crashes. I was trying to recover a 1T drive so the scan would take over 8 hours to get 50% of the way, then crash. I tried repeatedly before contacting tech support. They replied one line saying I needed send a log as proof. I did and received another one line email saying use the latest version. I was using the latest version on their site so replied asking where do I find the later version? I was unable to get any more replies from out of them, so after persisting with the software for two weeks, I still was no closer to recovering my data, I wasted near two weeks of time and blew USD 280. The experience left me suspecting that the whole thing is just an Internet fraud. I can’t imagine a reputable software producer would release such an tested product and provide such poor back up.

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It's very sad to hearing such problem but why why you go with boomerang ,you have option such as acronois and norton ghost.


I have had excellent results from DiskWarrior when recovering lost data.

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