Boomerang Data Recovery WARNING do NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE.

I did and got burnt. It’s bugged and crashes. I was trying to recover a 1T drive so the scan would take over 8 hours to get 50% of the way, then crash. I tried repeatedly before contacting tech support. They replied one line saying I needed send a log as proof. I did and received another one line email saying use the latest version. I was using the latest version on their site so replied asking where do I find the later version? I was unable to get any more replies from out of them, so after persisting with the software for two weeks, I still was no closer to recovering my data, I wasted near two weeks of time and blew USD 280. The experience left me suspecting that the whole thing is just an Internet fraud. I can’t imagine a reputable software producer would release such an tested product and provide such poor back up.

It's very sad to hearing such problem but why why you go with boomerang ,you have option such as acronois and norton ghost.

I have had excellent results from DiskWarrior when recovering lost data.