Hi All;

don't you think it's about time apple comes out with a handheld? i mean, hp has the ipaq(and also used to have the jornada), dell has the axim, toshiba has one... don't yout think it's about time apple makes one?


Just out of interest... have you come across the iPhone and Touch devices?

AFAICS these are handhelds?

I agree with the rest above. Ipad, Iphone is considered handheld what do you mean that apple should come out with a handheld. Now apple is very popular and its biggest rival is android for mobile phone. Anyone disagree?

Nobody could disagree that Apple is already the market leader in the handheld sector, be it the iPhone, iPod Touch or at a stretch the iPad. Unless the straitjacket was too tight and making it difficult to talk sense, I guess ;)

Anyone support android instead od ios platform. Android has more free apps than apple. Anyone disagree. Apple is launching its new product soon. Mac osx version lion.

There is a new ipad 2, that is an apple handheld products, be sure to get it. Then you will know that apple has already have a handheld since a long long time ago.

Is this a joke? I don't mean this in a rude way, I'm just curious.

I think so, maybe the original poster have no information about Apple products. lol

Us oldies remember the Newton, that was way ahead of its time. Have a look at wikipedia Newton (platform)

What do you think of the new blackberry tablet just realeased, I know it's got flash which is why people say it has the upper hand over the ipad, but to be honest, I get along just flash without flash on my ipad

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