Hi to everyone! I have Mac OSx Powe Book G4 Version 10.3.9. My problem is that it goes to sleep ramdonly all the time. Sometimes it takes times to do it but when it starts to do it, it goes to sleep every 3 seconds, and sometimes it stopes. I dont know what to do? My garanty is over. I did the hardware test (it passed), I dont have any hot corners activated, so i cannot be that. The hardware test passed and it show all the hardware was ok. Can someone help me to solve this problem.. please..

Thank you very much for your time.

P.S.I finally changed thelogic board for my Mac, because the first memory slot burned, Now im having both slots working, but the sleep problem still there. I bought the PowerBook to MacClini and they said it was little problem or reseting the parameter RAM. I got back home and BOOMMM again!! Can anyone tell me what coudl be the problem. The only thing I did was plug the ethernet cable for internet, connect the USB mouse and plug the power adapter. Sleep mode bugs me again..PLEASE HELP!

I am having this same problem! After a long search this is the only forum post I've found that even comes close to mine. Has anybody got any information about this? Any help would be much appreciated.