I have a Power Mac 8500 with a Sonnet Crescendo 400 Mhz G4/PSI upgrade Processor card running Mac OS 8.6. I installed a IOGear USB 2.0 PCI Card-GIC220UW1 which says it works with OS 8.6. I installed the recommended software "USB Support 1.4.1 smi " from apple.com. The card shows in the Apple System Profiler but I still cannot mount or see any USB devices when I plug them into the USB ports. I cannot see the new usb hard drive nor my small Lexor JumpDrive. The manufacturer says it should just plug and play. The card works in an IBM computer. Any ideas why it is not working or performing other tests? :rolleyes:

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Perhaps there isn't enough power being provided to the devices via the USB card? If the USB hard drive is powered only via USB, I wouldn't be shocked if it didn't show. Have you tried a simple, low powered device like a mouse?

No, but my jump drive is only a USB stick-no power supply. The usb hard drive has its own power supply. How do I check to see if power is being supplied to the pci slots in the mac?

There should have been a power cable that plugs from the existing power supply into the PCI card.

MAC-OS 9/9.1/9.2 should do

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