Hi Guys,
I have ag4 iBook runnu=ijnng OSX3.9 and my iTunes has stopped listing names when I load CD's. Annoying and time consuming it is to put in the info manually.
I have broadband that works fine. iTunes usually checks the cd and compares it with a record of track lengths to ID them,I am led to understand. But it has STOPPED! Hmm..??

Any hints gratefully accepted ..
Cheers from Down Under in Paradise called Currumbin

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Even if you choose "Get CD Track Names" from the Advanced pull-down menu?

Hi Yellow, YES - even if I do the above.
When I tried, it said "Unable to connect to CDDB track server. The network connection was refused. Make sure your internet connection is active and your network settings are correct and try again".

I have a very fast broadband that is active and I am live as I write.. can get anything with Googe thru IE and Firefox. I am not sure about the comment that "your network settings are correct and try again".

Any clues Yellow, Anyone?

My iTunes just WONT SHOW the NAMES of albums or tracks!!

Denis of OZ


Hey Guys .. Breakthrough!!
I detected that the alert software 'Little Snitch' was blocking the iTunes connection back to home base that I was recommended to turn off for usual use, (efficiency/privacy etc)
SO THE LESSON LEARNED IS: Enable iTunes if your using Little Snitch.

Thanks Yellow for your useful pointer. I discovered it by accident and your pointer helped greatly! Cheers, Denis

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