I'm pretty new to Macs and never was great with pc's. I bought a power mac 7200 with os8.1. Can't download much or sometimes it works and sometimes it's a big mess of gerbelldeygoop~^}}*<::?@%$&^(*)(_(EIO_)$$#"P{, that's what I got when I tried to download os9.2....and I think I have discovered thru much research, this model cannot be upgraded? Is that true? Also I need to have MRJ2.1 , for lots of stuff I want to download or view or something. Cannot find it anywhere and if I could ...could I even download it? It was only $40 and is great for email and internet but the first aid disk says 7200 needs repair...and...volume repairs needed. Help!!! Is there hope?

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Correct, OS 9.1. However, you cannot download (legally) an update from 8.x to 9.x.
That has to be purchased.


The 7200 supports up to System 9.1, I believe.

Thanks for your answer. I'll see what I can do with that info.:mrgreen: :cheesy: :) :) :) I don't know what any of these little guys mean but hopefully they are good. Tata!

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