I have a 400mghz Imac with 196 mg of ram and a 10 gb hard drive.
I just upgraded my operating system to 9.2 which is working fine.
I would like to try Os X. Is this possible and will it work without too many problems or should i stick with 9.2??
Thank you


OS X will run fine on it. I am running X on a 333 MHz computer with 394 GB. The larger questions are:

1) Do you have OS X versions of your software that you use daily? Yes, the standard army of email readers, web browsers, FTP, and newsreaders are available. There is also a nice free text editor called TextEdit that will work for simple word processing.

2) New applications are available for a cost: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Acrobat, Microsoft Office.

3) Your Mac OS 9 applications will work in an emulated mode called "Classic". Most things will work there, but not everything.

4) Do you have a plan? Are you thinking of reformatting / re-partitioning your hard drive?

I always break hard drives into smaller partitions to protect them from user and from the system. While partitioning will not save you from a hard drive failure, it can save your bacon if you need to re-install the OS, and have the data on a different partition.

I'll stop here... let us know which direction you would like to go. Whatever the case, if you are happy and satisfied with 9.2, there is nothing wrong with you staying there for the next 20 or so years. I think the Mac OS 9 system clock will ahve problems after the year 2032 or something like that.


I used os 9.x for a long time and it was always great...

I saw an article a while back in MAC Addict on the procedure to add osx to a small g3 system.... maybe 6 months ago or so???


can you partition your hard drive even if there is already data stored, or does it need to be a clean drive first????

either way how exactly do you do it... my past macs hardly had need for it 40 mb LC and a 4 gb bondi imac... but now with my 60 gb g4 and my outboard 80 gb, it may be important...


When you partition a Mac with Apple partitioning tools, I've found them to be somewhat inflexible. Using Disk Tools, which is pre OS X, it remakes the partition table, and it actually deletes the partitions that are currently there.

If you're going to reformat, I'd back up my data, and bank on reinstalling afterwards.


I am not aware of a "partition magic" for the Macintosh, and to be honest, I prefer to use traditional partition and formatting tools than try to convert/transform a partition. So yes, you should save off your data (on another device such as burn CD-ROMS).

Alex is correct that you can use OS 9 or OS X tools for partitioning. Earlier tools, such as those for OS 8 and 7, required Apple ROMS on the hard drive, meaning that third party devices would not be recognized.

You will need to boot from a CD-ROM with OS 9 (if possible your machine) or OS X. If you use OS 9, then you can find them on the CD-ROM in the Utilities folder. If on OS X, boot to where you see the Welcome to OS X screen, and it starts to talk about installing. Click on the blue Apple in the corner, and locate the Disk Utility. You can then partition the disk before re-installing.


I would say to upgrade to OS X it has a better look and feel to it i would suggest upgrading your hard drive 10 gb is not enough.

if you dont have the OS X or the money to buy it get bit torrent and download this file.