When I ran OS 9, I'd use my computer as an alarm clock. I'd simply put Sound Jam in the startup folder, set the time, and my mp3s would wake me up.

Is there a way to have the computer automatically power on in OS X? I haven't been able to track one down.


I'm in panther and I think it worked the same way in Jaguar. I don't know about earlier versions of OS X. But just go to system preferences and then to Energy Saver. Click on Schedule. Set up a time to start up the computer or shut down the computer.

Alternatively, there's a program called Alarm Clock which is distributed with Aladdin Ten for X Utilities volume 1. Alarm Clock is sold individually as shareware which you could register for $7. You could pick it up at any of the following URLs:


I did a google search for "Alarm Clock SE" and got a bit carried away, sorry! :-P

Sorry for taking so long to reply to you. I guess I missed your thread ;)

I ended up just being lazy and booting into 9 to set the alarm. It still opens in 10 if you set the 10 disc as the startup, but only once (10 must reset those settings in the PRAM after it finishes a full boot.

Thanks for the reply!

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