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I changed the computer name of my iMac in System Preferences and then logged out, when I logged back in all my files were gone. They're still on the computer, but I can't open any of them. I opened iTunes and all my music was gone, opened iPhoto and all my photos were gone, the files are still on the computer but I can't open them. So I tried changing back the name to what it originally was and still the same outcome. Someone please help so I can get all my files back!

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Well, go to a local apple store and talk to them or get apple care :)

They might be under the users folder and the name you previously had called it?

What OSX system are you running, Lion, Mountain Lion? Where in System Preferences did you make the change? It sounds like you created another account than changed the name of the computer. Worst yet, it sounds like you changed the name of the user folder. Don't worry, it is easy enought to fix with the right information from you. Please reply.

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