I purchased a series of classes which are in the form of downloads. Typical size 350MB - Videos. Actually I did this for more than one session of classes.

The first set of classes downloaded fine. Took 3+ hours each, but they opened appropriately in Quickbooks and/or iTunes. The second set of classes were of the exact same format and from the same company, but several months later.

After downloading, they do not open. The applications all quit instantly. I have concluded that they are somehow being corrupted during the downloading process.

I have a 2Wire Modem/Router which is attached primarily to a Windows based HP tower, with my PowerMac G4 (mirrored doors) connected via ethernet cable. This setup worked with the 1st set of classes (as stated).

I tested out downloading several different files on 1) my Mac, 2) the HP, and 3) a wireless HP laptop (new). The same thing occurs on all three!! Three different computers, 2 diff. operating systems and one not even directly connected to the 2Wire.

To me, that rules out computer or cabling malfunctions. (wrong conclusion?)

Further, I had a friend who shares the same internet provider, download a couple of the files and they not only downloaded without any problem, but they opened up correctly in both Quicktime and iTunes! This was using a windows based computer and a faster internet speed.

So that seems to rule out the internet provider's process, UNLESS it's the faster speed that is the key?

As for the 2Wire Router/Modem. I had a repair technician come out and test it. I was told it is operating properly . . . because it connects to the internet and other types of files download properly.

Would the slower connecting speed possibly be the problem? But then I'm back to the fact that it worked successfully with the first set of classes. No changes in speed since that time.

This has gone on for months but now I really need to get to the bottom of it. If anyone has any ideas as to how to solve this once and for all, I would greatly appreciate it!

No guesses at all? Oh nooooooo. I thought for sure someone here would be able to rescue this damsel in distress. Pleeeeze?