I have an older mac, its a g4 and I just recently hooked it back up. I've had it for a while (since 2001 or so) so I don't remeber the password that I stored in there It's Been way tooooooo long, anyways I want to get into my profile because I have some of my project files that i created on there and i cant seem to get them with out logging in to user Lloyd, im getting in only on the default login and it is not allowing me to get some files that i know are there. . . . .
. . .
Anyone know of a good program or a way to get my password off of the mac or change it or something that I can browse through the files or something.. . . .
. . .
Any information at all would be very helpful thank you very much for taking the time to review my post in the first place.

Oh Yeah forgot to say thats operating on OS 9.1 i believe

Thanks again.

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I've just looked on my computer and it says 9.1 OS version but im looking at the cd's I have and they say SSW version9.0.4 and cd version 2.2 on both of them. One disk is a Software Install Disk and the other is a Software Resore disk.
Can I use these anyway? I know that these have to be the disks because i kept everything together and I don't own another mac and didn't upgrade at all with it.
But anyway how do I go about reseting the password without loosing any info? Which disk is best?
And do I hold down just the "C" key or "conrtol or command or option" along with the "C" key when I boot?

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