Hi there!

I am periodically receiving the error message "Mail could not be sent to the account, 'Rachel's email account'. Mailbox is temporarily full."

It happens when I am composing an email, even at odd times such at 2:00am.
I may only have 1 or 2 emails in my inbox, however I am operating out of a subaccount and not sure how much mail is in the primary user's box.

ISP is roadrunner high-speed cable. OS is Mac 9.
Any advice?

Also, when I click on "send and receive messages", the on-screen button stays depressed an unusually long time and there is a delay. My husband also runs a subaccount through the primary user, and both he and they can retrieve instantly.

I hope this is clear as I am only minimally computer literate.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Rachel,

I don't think that this forum (Internet Explorer) is the right forum for your question (even if you are using a web-based email account) as this doensn't sound like a problem with Internet Explorer itself.

If you can tell me which email program you're using (or if it is indeed a web-based account), I'll move this thread to a more appropriate forum.



I totally confused internet explorer with outlook express! You said something about moving my question to a more appropriate thread. Is that possible?

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!


No problem. I guess that would make this a "Windows Software" question, so off tho that forum we go... buckle up!

OK - but is this the appropriate forum considering I am running a Mac operating system? 9.2 to be precise.

Thanks again for your help!


Ah yes- you did indicate that you were using a Mac in your first post. Sorry- I missed that...

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