so this powerbook g4 1ghz starts then 3 beeps i know this (or think this is a ram prob) but before this i was starting then getting to the grey screen and the apple icon then that dark grey box with the hold the button to restart message the one with a few langauges so i hold the button and it just keeps doing it i managed to get off my info by starting it as a firewire disk so i think the HD is ok ? tried to boot of the system cd
which it did and managed to install a new system but it just goes back to its looping nightmare

please help
many thanks

I know what your problem is. You have a mac. mac sucks. get a dell or something.

I am very disappointed with this remark. This is a Mac support forum, so most people on this forum do not want to hear remarks such as this. Choosing a brand is a personal choice, and although Dell is the largest computer manufacterer, that does not necesarrily mean that Dells are the best.

And even if it were, you just don't say these kinds of things on a Mac-Only forum!

This could very well be a RAM problem. Did you install new RAM, or did you buy this used? (if it's used, the original owner may have replaced the RAM on it and never told you.) You can also try booting off your regular hard drive (or a totally different hard drive), just to see if the hard drive is not causing the problem.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't.............."

I am not saying that Dell's are bad. I am not saying that Linux or Windows are bad. In fact, I have 2 Macs, and a PC, and my PC runs both Linux and Windows. I enjoy all my computers very much. That is simply not the issue. The issue is why malcarne's Mac is acting up. So please keep your off-topic opinions to yourself.

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