I have some mac g4 mirrowed doors that crashes in many languages 3 or 4 times a day without no reason, somtemies after wakeup, doing something esay with illustrato or photoshop.

i decide to change the hard drive for a new one and made no result. then i used a well know hard disk and failed again, the i changed the memory but it also failed. my last resorce was to send the mac to an authorized point and they have not found "anything" but the mac still crashes.

by the way i live in colombia and have intalled mac os x tiger, adobe creative suite, microsoft office x 2004, virex 7.2, suitcase x1 11.02, font folio 9 and msm.

any help??:sad:

hi there! i dont know if this will help but it sounds like it might be an incobatable problem! monitor,hard drive,mouse,ext

have you tryed reinstalling tiger, and starting from there, cos one of your programmes may be dodgy!!!!

i have had that problem befor, but it has been something differant every time!!!

is it just the mouse freezing or is it the comp!!

hope this is of some help to you

justin c

Several thoughts:

1) What version of OS X are you running? Regardless of whether it's Panther, Tiger, etc. have you kept up to date with all the online updates?

2) Could it be a possible motherboard problem? I also assume you've tried resetting the PMU at least once?