Since I upgraded to Mavericks, my Ethernet Internet connection via HomePlugs keeps dropping randomly. What is strange is that Network Preferences shows Ethernet as connected with a green light.There appears to be nothing wrong. I've tried rebooting the router without effect and all that seems to work is rebooting my Mac Mini when the Internet works again until the next time. It is particularly bad while using Skype but the Internet connection dropping is certainly not confined to the use of Skype.

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I know it might sound silly but have you checked the pins in the connector, another ethernet adaptor, another ethernet cable, etc? - a few days ago we had a customer with a similar issue and it turned out that the pins in the connector (on their Mac) were bent.

Please also ensure that the wireless (wi-fi) is disabled, as this can also interfere.

let us know how it goes. :-)


I still have the same problem even though both WiFi and Ethernet are running.

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