I don't care if there is a Bluray drive built in or not. I have an external one that didn't cost a fortune. What I would like is for Apple or some third party to release some proper software support for Bluray films, in particular those that have some form of protection included in them.

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You can use VLC (one of the best open-source media players available) on your Mac. Here is a link to what you need to get it to play commercial (encrypted) BD discs: http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/

Do bear in mind that you may need to update the keys file from time to time since BluRay will change them occasionally.

VLC is already installed in my computer for common playback. But it can't play my Discs bought from Amazon. So any other choice?

Did you follow the instructions in the link I provided? You may have to reboot after you install the library and key file.

I'm also a frequent Macgo Blu-ray player user. Though I have to pay for it, luckily just once, I can update almost every week to play the new release.

VLC, mac blu-ray player

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