Does anybody here know some plugins for QuickTime to play Blu-ray on Mac?

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I always hate plugin or codec because it will slow down my computer. Instead of installing this, you can directly play Blu-ray with some 3rd party software like Macgo Blu-ray player. I ended up buying this one back when it was introductory priced. It was crash-prone at first but MacGo seems to have done a good job stamping out the bugs to where it's pretty stable in the latest version. Not sure I'd buy it at the current $39.95 though.

It sounds really cool! It will be much better if a little bit cheaper.

BR discs can be played on DVD drives, if not in as high a resolution (720p is maximum for DVDs). DO NOT purchase BR drives or discs! They are seriously DRM-encumbered and will likely not run in the future! Also, each such purchases puts $$ in Sony's pocket, who has yet to recompense us for their rootkit-infected CD's some years ago. Until they pay us ALL for that, I say that NO ONE should pay Sony a penny for their cruft! Just say NO to DRM-encumbered videos and/or devices!

And yes, commerical DVD's are DRM encumbered, but at least they can be easily ripped to enable region-free and non-blocking viewing. It may technically violate US laws, but if it is for personal use only... We have laws that allow "owners" of stuff to do with them what we want. If we purchase a video or CD and don't own it, then what are we paying for?

did you try Perian?

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