I have iphone 3g, while trying to restore my phone, it slipped to recovery mode and does not restore saying error 1015.i have tried red snow, ireb, blackra1n but no help.
Please save my phone!!

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Have you try Recboot software?

Yes but that didnt work either!

Bring your phone to an Apple Shop or the shop where you bought the phone. Ask the technician there whether he can help you.Good luck:)

I bought it from ebay.And the phone is from US.Will the apple guys help?

the fact that it is from the us should not matter. make sure you are connected to the net when rebooting and if the apple guys wont help i would recommend jailbreaking it and then restoring it through itunes, hope this helps

I am not sure but you have to give it a try and see whether they are willing to help you or not.

I have iphone, but its touch screen is not working properly! Any one can suggest me what can i do for it?

Is the screen crack? If you have warranty, send your iphone for repair.

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