Iam using windows 8.1 and want to install mac os on my system.
please help me a lot.
i m new to os .

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If it isn't an Apple, then you probably won't be able to install Mac OSX on it directly. You should be able to install it in a VirtualBox virtual machine, assuming you have an install disc and license.

How about you buy a Mac? They're worth the money.

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I read somewhere you can install osx on a pc but there were tonnes of command lines and other crazy stuff. Plus it is illegal. You could pick up a mac mini for a reasonable price and hook it up to a regular keyboard and monitor.

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Doing this would get you in big trouble

It requires messing around with the CPU chip

There are plenty of hackintosh guides on internet. Buying and running OS X on its hardware is ten times more the fun.

Look up "hackintosh" or "customac" in your fave search engine and you will have a good project on your hands.

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