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Hello everyone!

So I am using a mac, and while I am not using any applications that require a webcam (like skype or video chat clients), I see a red dot on my webcam.

Does this mean my webcam is on and spying on me?

If so, what should I do? If it is spying on me, then it could record my voice.

Recently, my gmail was hacked due to phishing, so maybe this is a concequence of that?

If so, how do I deal with this.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Let's cover it for now.

For Apples you rarely install an antivirus but do need to scan for bad things. kicks that around a little but if you are …

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Simple. A strip of black electrical tape will deal with that nicely! The microphone is another matter... :-) Speaking from the department of paranoics department...

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