I want several dates at the top of each page of a 365 page document, but I don't want to plug them in manually. Attached is a segment of the dates I have in a document, and another attachment showing how the Mac document looks.

I'm trying to avoid a table because the positioning of them tables don't mesh well with the other elements, and I also tried to mess with the Equation aspect but I had no clue where to start.

My last ditch effort will be to pay someone to plug in each date one at a time, but that will take far too many hours of work for me to not at least see if there's a ten minute workaround.

Thanks for any help you're able to offer.



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Have you considered preparing this document/report using Adobe InDesign?

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You have an interesting problem, but sadly I don't have an answer. The InDesign suggestion came from another person. While editing some 350 pages is lots of work, that may be the best solution. Quite a few people have looked at your post, so someone else may have a better idea.

great i will use it

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