Hi everyone,
My name is Melinda. I am trying to connect to the internet besides through AOL. I have the internet explorer sign and safari as well and i'm trying to figure out what access numbers I can enter to successfuly set up. I am connected to a phone jack and my roomates get the internet. I do with AOL, but not with the other two. I am so illiterate with computer connections, I don't know how to do this!! I'm so frustrated. I have an internal 56k modem i guess. My copmuter is a macosx10 ibook.thank you SOOOO much!!!!!

How do you roommates get on the Internet? With a network connection? Is this like a college setting by any chance where you are provided with a LAN? If you only pay AOL you will only be able to connect via AOL. Do you want to go through your roommate's connections. Need some more info please.

Go through your roommates conections and help by paying half of his/her conections fee

Does your friend have an ethernet hub? Are they connecting via a router/dsl/cable modem? If you both want on at the same time, its time to learn a little networking.


Good luck