It's been a long time since I used Windows 9x systems. Hell I was on WinNT back in those days but I think if your on any of these systems it is time to upgrade big time stop waiting stop getting problems after problems.

There really is no different from Windows 98 to 2000 or XP.
People say stuff but it's all BS. Now if you have software that you got custom made for you and you need Windows 98 fine. But otherwise everything else is the same dont be scared moving to Windows XP same stuff expect you dont have to restart the computer every day & every hour. You dont have to sit and watch your computer go to Blue Screen mode lol.

It's been about 5-6 years since the last 9x OS was made. Now 5 years in technology is like 40 years in human life. It's time do the move even MS stopped supporting those OS's expect I believe Windows ME. Anywho that is my two cents.

Glad to see ya Jimmy! WB!

Windows 9x still has its uses. 9x kernel requires very little ram, and can be shrunk down to very small sizes.

But your right, the advantages of 2000 and XP are enourmous. However, 2000 and XP have some requirements ;-). In my experience, 2000 and XP will basically run on anything you throw at it, providing its a Pentium and has more then 64mb of RAM.

2000 and XP love RAM. The more you give it, the happier you will be.

(side note) If your using M E your a loser
(suggestion) If your updating to M$ XP your about to shill out

  • $ 99.00 XP Home
  • $ 189.00 XP Pro Upgrade
  • If you want to take a learning curve & gain OS's for free
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Lets stop the fight before it starts. Feel free to take this to a PM, but we only want friendly chat, and this has flamewar all over it. Topic Closed.


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