I would like to create a disk image to use for Network Install on my network, but every time I try to create the image in Disk Utility I get the error "Device busy" and it doesn't let me create the image. I've tried saving it to a different hard drive and a different network folder, with the same response each time.

I'm running 10.3. Here are the steps I've taken:

1) Highlight the partition I want to use
2) Click "New Image"
3) Select where I want to save it

Could someone please help me with creating a disk image in Panther -OR- Jaguar (as I have both environments to work with).

Thank you.

::: Chris :::

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Are you talking about CD Images?

If So, use Alcohol 120%, u need the cd, it then "dumps" into an iso file which u can open using Daemon TOols

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