I am DESPERATE for some help.

I create Excel spreadsheets on a Mac. They look great on the screen, but when I print them out, the left margin of every cell is out of alignment so that part of the text is not showing up in the cell.
The text prints like this:

Kaitlin gives Ethan a bad time about
sneakers; Cowboy shows John the
photo's that have been emailed to him;
Bree looks on.

The first line is lined up right against the cell border, as it should be. The rest gets cut off, anything [on the lower lines] to the left of the 'K' on the top line is missing.

How can I fix this? I have tried indenting the cells, text is still cut off...no matter what I try.

I am in need of a solution asap. You can email me at axisangel@hotmail.com. If you need to see the whole file, I can send you one.

Thanks so much!

Ok so it doesn't look at all like I typed it in. It is all lined up nicely on the left margin. So hope my description works.