yoO whattup everyone.

so my partner has a PC, and hes got this program called

swf catcher

( http://www.sothink.com/product/flashdecompiler/ )

which allows him to grab/steal/decompile .swfs off of the web.

Does anyone know of a program like this that exists on a Mac OS x platform? if so, please hook me up with some information or/and links.

.stay positive.


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do you know of any ones in particular?
or can you recommend any free or trial versions?

dont respond if your just going to tell me to google it again.

thanks for the reply joeprogrammer.

: )

you're asking him to supply you with a program that can potentially steal other people's work. You really expect to get much help? Google it, download a few different ones and try them out yourself to see which you prefer, it's not that complicated.

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