Hello I just got my mac yesterday, I got the upgrade disk with leopard. So when i got home i upgraded it and when i try to open my Imovie it just says that it quite unexpectedly so i reinstalled it and it gave me the same error. Then i reinstalled leopard again with a clean install and then it gives me the same error over and over again. I really love the computer i just wish Imovie would work

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Tech TJ

I have had the identical problem. Rang Apple support and they went through a number of attempts to fix without success including the clen install. They are getting back to me so if i get the answer I will let you know.

I think I have found the solution. You need to download and install the Imovie 7.1 update from Apple. You should install the Ilife Support 8.1.1 update first if you have done so already. This fixed it for me.

Thanks so much njames i did install the update and everything works perfect thanks again.

Tech TJ

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