7 Come 11 - Baby Needs a New Pair of SuSEs


Where do you want to go in a few months? Windows 7? You'd be better off converting to Vista before holding your breath for that one. The Linux world keeps releasing new versions of its vendor-customized Operating System while the Windows world keeps waiting for more and more promises. While you're waiting, try out the new OpenSuSE 11 RC1.

OpenSuSE 11 is the latest Linux entry to the world-at-large with its plethora of virtualization tools and software and the new KDE4 Window Manager. OpenSuSE's public release will no doubt garner its share of converts. It's faster, easier to install, and has excellent hardware detection and installation than its predecessors--namely OpenSuSE 10.x.

OpenSuSE 11 makes no promises that it can't deliver. Even when virtualized, it performs at near native speed. Still, OpenSuSE and all Linux distributions are like Harley-Davidson motorcycles: Powerful, stable, fun--but you'd better own a wrench and know how to use it. No, unfortunately, OpenSuSE 11 isn't quite a Windows Killer...OpenSuSE 12, if its release timing is right--just may do the trick.

SuSE Linux, a commercially sold and supported Linux owned by Novell, began a project (OpenSuSE) which is similar to RedHat's Fedora project. OpenSuSE is free and downloadable as a Live CD/DVD and is compatible with most hardware and peripherals.

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