im having a problem connecting my laptop to the internet.. i have my modem plugged in and i try dialing up .. an Error appears telling me that there is no dial tone and to check if the modem is attached properly.. it happended to me before but the problem solved itself .. now it wont log on at all..
i tried the device manager,uninstalling and reinstalling the modem..but it didnt work..
should i see a techincian? or is there another software problem?

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It depends which windows version you have.

I know in XP there is a diagnostic tool for modems. Maybe other windows have it to. You can click on that and it will run a variety of tests on your modem.

Try this program. It's free for like 30 days passmark is great for their test software.


I've had the experience of replacing a lot of modems because there is usually a hardware failture on the actual card.

Let me know how it turns out.


I hate to even ask this, but since a neighbor of mine actually did this a couple of weeks ago and (obviously) got the same error message:

Are you sure you're plugging the phone line into the modem jack and not the Ethernet jack? On many laptops that come equipped with both interfaces the connectors are right next to each other; it's easy to plug into the wrong one, and the (smaller) phone line connector will fit into the Ethernet jack.

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