The issue of teens taking naked pictures of themselves with their cell phones and sending them to other teens has been an issue of increasing concern, with teens being slapped with child pornography charges, simply by virtue of the fact that the subject of the picture was under 18 -- even if the photographer took the picture him- or herself.

However, now there's a case where the pornography charge may be justified: An 8th grade boy in Massachussets allegedly sold nude "sexts" of his 8th-grade (presumably, now, former) girlfriend to his classmates for $5 apiece, according to press reports.

The picture may have been forwarded to as many as 40 or 50 students, according to the Boston Globe.

While there have been sexting incidents at the middle-school level in the same town, those pictures went to just a couple of students and were dealt with through a cyber-education program and community service, according to the Belmont Citizen-Herald, which broke the story.

A study by the Associated Press and MTV found that about 10 percent of students reported that they had sent nude photos on their cell phone.