I have a Gateway 3310 PC with Windows XP SP2 at 2.66 Ghz and a Intel Celeron processor. The computer originally had 2 sticks of Samsung 256MB DDR RAM PC3200 CL3. I recently went out and bought 2 sticks of Centon 512MB DDR RAM that is running currently at 333 MHz I do believe. At first everything was fine, then a day later Windows started acting funny so I rebooted the computer and it was then that I noticed the slowdown. It took longer for Windows to boot. And for the first few boots whenever I clicked on anything Windows would just freeze and I had to reboot the computer. Then it was okay but it is still running slower than it should. One strange thing that is also happening is when I go to shut down the menu comes up as normal asking if I want to shut down, restart or stand by. But for some reason I cannot choose the stand by mode I can only shut down or restart.

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Not enough info!

You havent given us your motherboard specs!

You havent told us how you congfigured the new RAM editions (ie did you take out the old modules when you added the 512's or do you run them in combination / What DIMM slots do they fill etc etc)

"2 sticks of Centon 512MB DDR RAM" is not enough technical info for the new modules in trying to establish compatibility.....

Run this freeware program and give us more tech info on the above requests:


I took out the old 256s and put in the new 512s.

I downloaded the program. Please tell me what exact information you need and I will provide you with it.

OK.....after running everest, just cut and paste the info about your motherboard and RAM specifications into your next post and I will hopefully be able to tell you if its a compatibility issue that is causing your problems!

If the RAMS compatible(which it should be if the system worked for a while) then the issue must lie elsewhere so we will investigate some other area's.

The more info we have, the better armed we are to go into combat, thats all!


Okay, here is some of what I got...

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID: 63-0100-000001-00101111-121504-iSPGDL_G$BF865001_BIOS DATE: 12/15/04 23:53:45 VER: 08.00.10
Motherboard Name: Intel Hazelton D865GVHZ

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Type : DDR SDRAM
Bus Width: 64-bit
Real Clock: 167 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock: 333 MHz
Bandwidth: 2666 MB/s

Motherboard Physical Info
CPU Sockets/Slots: 1
Expansion Slots: 3 PCI
RAM Slots: 2 DIMM
Integrated Devices: Audio, Video
Form Factor: Micro ATX
Motherboard Size: 220 mm x 240 mm
Motherboard Chipset: i865GV

I have attached a full text report of my system if you need more you can go in there and find what you need.

Intel® 865GV Chipset

Two 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM sockets
Support for DDR 400, DDR 333, and DDR 266
Support for up to 2 GB of system memory

Even though you have increased capacity, you have gone down in clock speeds with the new 512mb sticks.

The 256mb sticks were DDR400 PC3200

The 512mb sticks are DDR333 PC2700

Despite this, your motherboard and chipset accepts both versions so compatibility shouldnt be an issue here!

You could test that something else is causing the problems by replacing the old RAM back for a temporary period and see if the issue arises again.

Memory testing: before you swap / Test the 512 mb sticks using



Well I put the 256s back in and well no change to the speed whatsoever it is still running at DDR-333 PC 2700 speeds. It does not look at all like it did before I replaced them. Boot-ups still take longer and it is still slower.

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