Here at the winery we use SCO Unix as one of our servers. Works on our XP machines by virture of a piece of softare called DejaVU NT. It emulates the screen and connects the Windows machines (as clients) to the SCO Unix server. Not much for any graphics, but does work for what we need it for.

XP is just fine. I run newer version browsers on it as well, such as Firefox and a new one called Maxthon. Really kind of like the Maxon of them all. You can even run Chrome on XP if you like. Remember, there are MILLIONS in other countries that are running and will continue to run XP. Companies, like the one I work for, simply continue to run XP as it is stable and works for what we need. Sent to you from my XP Home computer at work. Not issues, no problemo.

I have XP on this system. It works and I have no trouble with it. Another system in the room here had a disk crash, I installed an SSD and bought Windows 8 as XP is poor with SSD's. I am still trying to get the wretched thing to install! With the experience I've had today, I am in NO rush to upgrade any of my other machines.

is simple is fast is not sugar coated- is something to work with & not a toy only for fun & facebook & twiter, i think is the best windows microsoft has ever done.

bought Windows 8 as XP is poor with SSD's

You should have upgraded to Windows 7, not 8. I bought Windows 8 and couldn't get Microsoft Office 2012 to work on it, so I reinstalled Windows 7 and have Windows 8 in a desk drawer never to see the light of day again. A lot of companies are probably still using XP for the same reason -- they have invested too much money in software that works correctoly on XP and won't install or work correctly in Windows 7/8.

the way i see it they both to sweet , you move your mous the wrong way it shows you something you dont want,it wants to help but it does not,to many graphics,colorfull photos,links to nowhere before you gget to know it,it will be dead.MINIMAL APPERANCE-MAXIMUM CONTENT.

Day to day computing is done on my old favourite XP Pro OS, but since I recently purchased a wonderful old Dell Inspiron 9200 with Windows7 Ultimate installed on it, I have to say that win7 is starting to grow on me. I have de-activated all the 'Aero' and related bling and just use Windows Classic UI. A couple of other minor cosmetic changes using Windows PowerShell and you can't even notice that I'm not using my old XP OS!!!

i'm glad you like it,however i'll keep my old xp and i hope they will never kill it. as of late i'm looking in to linux, it is litle complicated but i think with litle effort it will give me what i need and that is solid base to work from.for egsample Red Hat share a lot with old xp,they both clear,simple programs, solid and user case i need somethig i take it from my usb and use it then erase is kind of like jevelery shop you go and buy a ring,when you dont need it you put it in your jevelery box, you dont wear the shop on you. right?

The problem with 7 and 8 is that they are made for stupid smartphones instead of desktops.

Don't k now about smartphone but I do have Windows 7 on a Dell 490. I must admit I am used to XP. I don't like the Library feature in 7. it seems harder to locate files maybe it's because I have three hard drives. With XP I go to My Pictures and then also select Folders. Otherewise I have quite a powerful system but then the 490 is an advance on my 2001 Dell 8200 XP Pro still working with only 750MB memory and no disc space left!

yes!i absolutly agree that is a powerfull system,easy to use and efficient.thak you.

Trying to install a HP Deskjet 930 on windows 7, seems its not possible, tried all the suggestions offered on forums but still not working. Bottom line - XP is still the best.

Trying to install a HP Deskjet 930 on windows 7, seems its not possible, tried all the suggestions offered on forums but still not working. Bottom line - XP is still the best.

that more of a reason not to like HP,than to say winxp is the best

XP is just so easy to use and people have gotten used to it. Most people see no use in upgrading to windows 7 and relearning.

You are right, 26bm, XP is very easy to use and a lot of people find that all that they need to do with their computer can easily be done with XP. I also love the way I can find files, and sub folders on my computers with XP. I have even downloaded TweakUI for XP and make many small minor tweaks. For example, I have a large 320 GB hard drive (I have 3) and I MOVED (not copied) my entire "MY DOCUMENTS" folder into my 320GB folder X:\My Documents and it took a while but all, and I mean all of the documents moved over into that other drive. There were just a few programs that did not undestand where some of their files were at, but a quick trip to the "Registry Editor" found the programs, and I changed the location of the files it needed to function. Point it, if the C:\ hard drive ever failed , I can install a cloned HD I have already made (for just such a disaster) and it has all the registry info, programs files, etc, for the most part as the old HD. Email and some other things are not on the C:\ drive anyway. I put them on another internal HD. So with 3 huge hard drives, I still don't see the need for Windows 7 or 8, since XP works like a charm. I'm from Nebraska, and we say back there "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Microsoft's idea of an "improvement" is not my idea of an improvement. All they care about is money from making people upgrade. But the new versions are hard to use.

Never let a programmer decide what is easy to use. He will design it so it is easy for him to use, but harder for you to use.

I hate mouseovers and I hate multiple levels of menus.

with new versions of windows it is very simple,they work very badly on older machines or they dont work at all because of small dardisk space or the computer just don want to run on it,or any other reason.i have,i have old dell d810 and it has been made specificly for xp.anyway, with 80gb of harddisk space what will be left for anything else?by the way,just yesturday i'v been looking for a way to give me some extra space to work with without spending to much money,and i have found it. you get usb flash disk and dowload from "ubuntu" page live disk creator "LiLi"in short,and distribution witch will work with it (there are several)i chosed ubuntu because is easy to use and you folow five simple steps and you there,you have new platform with extra space to work with,without buying expensive new machine or updating to win7 or win8.i highly recomend it.long life XP.

This is great!

I stumbled upon this thread a while ago and it seems that everyone agrees that XP will still be around for a little while longer!

And if you had to choose would you run XP or 8?

I'd pick XP.


Microsoft reached the pinnacle of its operating system plateau when it developed the XP SP3 GUI. Since then, it appears that those within the MS marketing walls have nothing else better to do, than have the GUI manipulated in such a way as to justify the appearance of a "NEW" operating system. And the 'strangle-hold' on PC manufacturers to push out the "New" so called OS's? Let's not even go there.
Commercial history has shown that corporate dictatorships don't last forever, hopefully it won't be too long before Microsoft realises the true value of their XP product, and instead of killing/manipulating it, they may find it more productive and profitable to prolong it's active life among the billions who are still using it!

Apparently whoever wrote that article didn't know when it was launched

Key Difference: Windows XP was launched in April 2008

Then later in the article

Windows XP was released in October 2001.

It also appears to be copy/paste from this wiki articled

You mean, I can't believe everything I read on the Web?

You mean, I can't believe everything I read on the Web?

No, you can't.

You mean, I can't believe everything I read on the Web?

Oh yes you can -- false or misleading information can't be posted on the web. That's the law of the web.

Good to know. Or not. I may have been a contributor to the world of misinformation at one time or another... & another... .. and on this site, too. It's pretty good that the site search engine is not so capable any more.
Flies know lots about webs. Else they learn about them, but too late. Traps for the unwary.

Why does Windows XP refuse to die?
Most probably because the zillions of us who appreciate the simple things in life, like to keep life simple!
The sales statistics for the latest versions of the Windows kernel?

I happen to agree, Palebushman, this is about Microsoft making money, not necessarily better products.

For example have you read the contract tha Microshaft impose when you sign up to Office 365. After 12 months service it says that you give Microsoft permission to approach your customers.


Notice how Office 2013 has suddenly become a "Subscription based" product at about £70 a year great for the first two or three years but happens after that, does your software suddenly stop working because you've not paid your subs or does it stay as it is but with no updates.

Microsoft are a bit unclear on this one

It seems they want you to pay then pay again and again and again and again and again - Er WHY ?

This is the main problem writing software of any variety. Sure there are lots of ways to write something and a huge multitude of development tools with which to do it, but at the end of the day it all comes down to 'COMPILED OBJECT' code with or without an EXE header and really if you think of computers as mere electrical switches then there is only so many ways you can do something before you start repeating yourself

I loved XP as well, alas it is dead now Windows 7 is far superior and polished, and a lot more secure, many companies did not develope drivers for XP as its is so old now, some programs may well run in compatability mode

commented: I wouldnt say its dead now as we are still lifting its spirit back from the dead. +0

Cost is also a matter to upgrade from Window XP to Window 7. Upgrading of hardware and Window is not the only cost but also the cost of other software to run a business. So country like Germany has encourage the user to switch to Linux for old hardware that is still running when the Window XP expire next year.