Hi there,

I was transferring photo's from a dig-camera to the pc, which frooze a short time after I disconnected the camera.

When I rebooted, all exe shortcuts were replaced by a standard icon.
Now, some execs are linked to WinWord (so they open in Word ...), while others need another program to open them?!

I did a reg fix but that didn't help either.
What adjustments do I have to make to make my execs executable again???
Via MsConfig or Regedit maybe?

When Win boots, it gives me this :

"Windows cannot find Winword.exe. (coz I renamed it :) )
This program is needed for opening files of type 'Lnk File' "
('Lnk File' is a program shortcut.)
And now Systray has vamoosed too!!
You CAN open certain programs by clicking on a file that's associated with the program. Examples are IncrediMail and Paint Shop Pro.
BUT when I try to run these programs through the Start bar, they ask for a program to open it with.

Intel Celeron 800 on Win98SE, onboard video/audio/lan + 256Mb ram, one 20Gb HD.

Thanks all.

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you could set the filetype associations back to default using another program. This link below might help.
It talks about understanding file type asscociations in windows 98

Wow, thanks for the great link! :)
I've bookmarked it and will check it out tomorrow.

Thanks again!

I wonder if it's safe to export the ".exe" file association from my (working) pc within RegEdit and import it into the faulty one??
Wel, if it's missing in the faulty pc, I haven't checked this yet.

The reg-info for the .exe file association was completely wiped, so I typed it like mine was. Now I can run stuff, but I still have to do the same with the .lnk assoc.

I re-installed NAV and it didn't find ANYTHING?!
Ad-Aware is running now.

And Systray is still missing? Is this BAD and how can I get it back??

Try sticking in your Windows installation disc and then type

sfc /scannow

It might be able to get systray back for you.

Try sticking in your Windows installation disc and then type
sfc /scannow
It might be able to get systray back for you.

Does it hurt not to have Systray?
I seem to have everythin' fixed by now.
BUT : AdAware's Adwatch gives some "intrusions", and even if you block them, they Fubar the .lnk file association.
I know the solution to this (simple regedit change), but is it normal that Spyware is able to immobilize a pc????

NAV didn't find any virus.

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