hey folks, new guy here.
ok, Im running an Athlon 1.2, XP, and ZoneAlarm Pro. I can get to the msn homepage, but when I click on hotmail, to log in, all I get is a blank IE screen that says done at the bottom (status bar). if I turn Zonealarm off, I can access it fine. I have tried changing every setting, and checked all the program accesses. ZoneAlarm gives the option to give or deny access to indivitule program components also. EX. aim.dll anyone know of anything I could have blocked?? any help would be appreciated!!

you might want to turn off the privacy settings...I had problem with downloading that was caused by the mobile code control settings. note that you can also try to refresh the webpage that will not load...i usually have problem accessing www.marketwatch.com (it would hang what loading up) but once i press "refresh" or F5 then it works fine...I have no idea why this is but has reason ever paid off? ;)

I have found out that if I turn off the pop up blocking in zone alarm that I can access the site fine. I would rather not turn off my pop up blocking. I have used google toolbar, and Zone Alarm Pro in conjunction since the toolbar came out. I have counted 4, or 5 pop ups that have gotten through this protection since. anyway Ill try to find a way around it. if anyone still follows this thread, give some imput if youve got any! laters

What version of ZoneAlarm Pro are u using? I recently had problem accessing secure websites while using ZA v4, but the problem disappeared by upgrading to version 5. I encourage you to upgrade.

LOL I did upgrade ZoneAlarm, and it did fix it. I just didnt want to try that till I had to, being as my copy is not exactly registered. ;) thanks for the help though. Im guessing that was messed up because of the changes made to hotmail recently.