I thankful to have found this site through Google (number 4 I think on "WinXP no mouse no keyboard" search).

In starting with a second question, I'll ask what moderator I could e-mail a HijackThis log to that must contain nearly 300 items? I'm new at a computer repair shop and recently discovered HJT and MWShredder (?) and StartUp List, etc. My new-green color led me to try these on a laptop today too...

A Compaq Evo came in. It's got WinXP and the owner hits Ctrl+Alt+Delete before putting in his name and password onto just one of many Networks ID's.

His laptop was running slower than you can imagine. Norton and Symantec and McAfee all reported no viruses. It took forever, but I installed HJT, et al in a folder on his desktop via a CD-ROM and ran HJT. I'm too new at this and got giddy.

No pro looked at that list and I rebooted after a significant "Fix." The computer ran great like a P4 should. I was happy. I rebooted several times to ensure things were well. All was well until I tried to unzip another anti-spy soft.

Things got slow again. I realized that I had about 60 seconds every reboot before a freeze. I beat the clock and beat the clock and deleted backups from HJT thinking they were replacing themselves. On another 60 second round I finally found the Processes (?) and found that mcshield was ramping up within 60 seconds to steal 99% of the CPU. I lowered its Priority to Low from highest.

That triggered System 'something' to 99% (like hibernate, but not that word-it's at the bottom of the list literally). After 60 seconds more, I was free to work the computer normally although 99% was still designated to the bottom process. I got giddy again.

(Sorry this is so wordy). I sought out MSCONFIG and unchecked quite a bit of Start Up items. Then I saw Services (?) and unchecked things that weren't Microsoft or MCI (our victim is an MCI employee). The Compaq was singing right along again. No delays, no warnings, no nothing. I also tore out BISADS from the history.

Then the reboot. It's all wrong, man.

It's a quick boot. I only got to hit F10 and toy with those things. Once it gets to the C+A+Delete screen, no input is registered at all. Because he signs on to a Network, I am thinking that there is no chance for me to get to use F8; no chance to run in Safe Mode.

Thank you for reading my short novel - will a start up disk make a difference? I hate to say this, but reformatting is 100% not an option. And before I go HJT crazy again on a waiting PC, I would really like to have someone look at the scary long report (seriously about 300 items) from that other computer with similar problems and thensome running 98.

If you tell me to post the other HJT, that's what I'll do - I just wouldn't presume to take up so much space on the Forum.

If you guys can save my roasted buns at my new job, then please consider telling me how to become a sponsor and expect my number of posts to increase! Fair is fair and I'm already grateful to have found so many computer-smart people who use their super-human powers for the sake of good. Thank you sincerely.

Talk to the moderator tallcool1, he is very knowledgable where spyware is concerned.

Post your 'Hijackthis' logs and concerns in the new "Security' Forum area please.