what virus software do you use?

I use Eset Smart Securuty, at work we use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite.

Funny, none of mine are on your list...

What do you use?

i use windows live onecare, and sorry for the virus software, the polls won't let me add your's for some odd reason.

You hardily have anything listed on the poll!!!

Where is Mcafee,etc........

Ah well......

commented: Too many good anti-virus applicationsmissing +7

avg (pro versions of of all the avg programs as i need the network scanning feature) / symantec corporate edition on my laptop (seems to be lighter than AVG onb the ram)

AVG 7.5 and the dreaded Norton IS 2007. Norton is going soon anyway, so AVG is making it self at home at the moment.

I've tried Norton, McAffee and Avast 4.7. I hate McAfee because the buttons are not visible with the somewhat low display resolution that I use, so I tossed it into the bit bucket. I sent them an email about it but never got a response. Norton worked ok, but required annual support fees. Avast is what I use now and I think it works as well as Norton and is free for home use, and I get free updates several times a week.

forumdude123, you should do little more of research in regards of anti-virus software as you listed very few options. I'm missing PandaSoftware, Kaspersky or F-Secure. All of them are software to be pay for but doesn't mean they cost too much

i couldn't add more software to the list, i listed the ones that i or my friends have had used before!! sorry.

Mcafee Virus scan enterprise, AVG free and norton endpoint V11

Other i have used NOD32, Norton Corporate, Zonealarm suite, Norton 360 these are very heavy on system resources.

in the past, i have used nortorn 2005, avg, avast 4, and mcAfee.

I used Zone Alarms Security Suite for the longest time, but it wasn't reliable what-so-ever! So I made the switch to Norton Internet Security 2007

avg all day long
Norton is 1 big headache & brings my pc slow down to a crawl but hey why not put vista on it until it completly stops.

Trend Micro Office Scan 7 ..simple to the user powerfull to the admin and i didnt have any performance issues with it.