Ok a couple days ago I turned on my computer and the intel screen came up bla bla bla and I hear a strange clicking noise I take the side off and it's coming from the hard drive. By the time I look at the screen it ayd disk read error press cntrl+alt+delete to restart. I restart same thing happens. Since I know nothing about hardware problems I turn to my stepdad and he said that It's no good. Probably because it's five years old. He said i'd have to buy a new one. Is there any possible way that I can fix it or anything I can do to avoid buying a new one cause I CANNOT afford it. If you guys could get back I would extremely appreciate it thnx in advance.

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You could try to fault find to find out what piece of hardware might be failing.

Then you would only need to replace that piece(s) of hardware. If you don't know what you're looking for, perhaps it would be wiser to ask someone who knows a little about computers.

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