Does anybody use Uniblue's registry cleaning tools at all?

I ran a registry scan using their trial version as I have a number of scvhost.exe apps running in my processes tab of the Task Manager and it said it found over 700 errors but the trial version can only fix 15.

Should I be concerned about the number of scvhost.exe that are present (there are 7 running at the moment)? Sorry, I'm not overly tech-savy when it comes to computers but I read that svchost is something that Microsoft Windows uses but, additionally, you can find it related to trojans and other nasties.

Can anyone shed some light on this? The reason I got to checking the registry is because I keep getting errors whenever I try writing to disc (DVD or data) and the errors referred to a registry problem - if I understood it correctly. :)


"Svchost.exe" (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) is an integral part of Windows OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. It manages 32-bit DLLs and other services.

At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services portion of the registry to construct a list of services that it needs to load. In normal conditions multiple instances of Svchost.exe run at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, so that separate services can be run depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started. This allows for better control and debugging.

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micheal is correct and to add different programs call on the service hence the many instances you will see in the process tab in task manager. However, you should always check the spelling one letter off means it's a malware/spywaye. type this at your command prompt Open a command prompt and enter: tasklist /svc this will show you a list of whats running on each svchost.exe

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Thanks guys. All the spellings appear to be normal and nothing untoward seems to be listed in the tasklist/svc details.

Thanks for putting my mind at rest! ;)