I have a CD-ROM drive. All of a sudden the icon for the CD-ROM drive does not appear in My Computer and using the find linlk I cannot find any othere disc frive except for drive C. How can I get my PC to show my CD-ROM drive? Before this it was listed as drive D.

Right-click on the My Computer icon and choose "properties". From there, navigate to Device Manager and see if the CD is listed there. If it is, does it have a yellow "!" or red X next to it?

Were you making any changes to the system just prior to the drive's disappearance (think carefully)?

Is your CD-ROM even being recognized by the system at all? Check your CMOS setup (which can usually be entered into "before" Windows starts booting) - in most cases, the IDE device 0 in your system should be your hard drive (which of course is working), and the IDE device 1 in your system ought to be your CD-ROM drive. If your CMOS does not recognize your CD-ROM drive, it will say something to the affect of "not installed" or "not present" or "none".

It could be as simple as a loose cable, or just a CD-ROM drive that has gone bad.

i got the same problem i reformated my computer and i got a new cd drive it wont detect it for some reason but when i was reformating it detected it but now it doesn't and i tried to install the cd drive into my computer with a floppy disk but it does not work for some reason


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